Buys and stores items, specified in chests in it's area, from Distributors (within 85 blocks.) Can be placed in buildings.


Lot Size: 8x8

Height: 3 above Warehouse block

Depth: 0 below Warehouse block

Food Requirement: 0

Food Type: -

Active Time: Always

Description: The Warehouse checks any inventories in it's area (excluding hoppers) for items. If it finds partial stacks, it will attempt to buy more of the items (twice a day on average and only up to 8 items at a time) from Distributors to try to make full stacks. If it finds partial stacks in it's own inventory, it will search for more of the item in the surrounding inventories to try to make a full stack. The items in it's own inventory are available for Distributors to purchase. Distributors will only purchase from Warehouses if the items can not be found anywhere else.

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