Allows the player and buildings to sell items to Distributors. Can be placed in buildings.


Lot Size: 8x8

Height: 3 above Seller block

Depth: 0 below Seller block

Food Requirement: 0

Food Type: -

Active Time: Always


If you want to sell items to your Distributors yourself (like a player shop), then place this block anywhere except the ground floor of an active building and give it an empty coin pouch (if your Distributors have coin pouches.) Then place the items you want to sell in the inventory. Any Distributors looking for those items may remove them from the inventory and place money in the coin pouch. One item of a stack will always remain unsold as a reminder of what you are selling.

If you place the block on the ground floor of an active building, then the building will use it to sell items that are imported from the global market to Distributors. Give it an empty coin pouch and place one or more items in the inventory to specify what the building should import and sell.

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