Diggs 2x1 shaft up to 127 deep and collects valuable ores.


Lot Size: 16x16

Height: 2 above Mineshaft block

Depth: 125 below Mineshaft block

Food Requirement: 2 per day

Food Type: Any food (quality 0+)

Active Time: Sunrise to sunset


  • cobblestone/dirt (ladder support)
  • iron/stone shovel
  • iron/stone pickaxe
  • log (ladders/torches)
  • coal/charcoal (torches)


  • dirt
  • cobblestone
  • granite
  • diorite
  • andesite
  • gravel
  • coal
  • clay
  • iron ore
  • gold ore
  • diamond
  • lapiz lazuli
  • redstone

Description: To get started, give the Mineshaft a pickaxe, shovel, logs (at least 13,) some coal (at least 8) and some food. The Mineshaft will construct ladders and torches from the raw materials. The Mineshaft will always need a supply of tools, logs and food (it will eventually get it's own coal.) It's probably best to not place too many Mineshafts until you have a Farm running or a good supply of food. The Mineshaft will stop when it hits bedrock, water, lava, or any other material that it can't mine.

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