Tills, plants and harvests crops. May occasionally experience drought. Needs to have at least 64 farmable blocks in its area to be placed. A farmable block is a block that is already farmland or is grass or dirt that is within 4 blocks of water with light level of 9 or greater.

Lot Size: 32x32

Height: 4 above Farm block

Depth: 4 below Farm block

Food Requirement: 2 per day

Food Type: Any food (quality 0+)

Active Time: Sunrise to sunset


  • iron/stone hoe
  • wheat seeds
  • potato
  • carrot


  • wheat
  • wheat seeds
  • carrot
  • potato

Description: To get started, give the Farm a hoe, something to plant, and something to eat. If it is a grassy area, then the Farm should be able to collect its own seeds to start a wheat farm. Potato and carrot farms are good for starting because the Farm can eat its own produce and doesn't need to be supplied with food. Farms can be a single crop type or mixed. It plants the first thing it finds in its inventory first, so you can adjust the inventory to affect crop ratios in a mixed farm. When requesting/purchasing something to plant from a distributor, it will first ask for wheat seeds, if it can't get wheat seeds then it will ask for potatoes, and when all else fails it will ask for carrots. If the Farm experiences drought then you should get to the farm as soon as possible to replenish the water.

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