Buys and sells specified items from/to surrounding industries and buildings (within 85 blocks.) Can be placed in buildings.


Lot Size: 8x8

Height: 3 above Distributor block

Depth: 0 below Distributor block

Food Requirement: 1 per day

Food Type: Any food (quality 0+)

Active Time: Always

Description: To get started, place an item (with a max stack size greater than 1) or multiple items into the Distributor's inventory. During it's update the Distributor will purchase/request the items from industries, Sellers, and Warehouses within it's range to try to create full stacks in it's inventory. Warehouses are only purchased from if the item can not be found any other place. The items in the Distributor's inventory are then available for purchase by other industries, buildings, Buyers, and Warehouses in the area.

Dooglamoo Cities- Distributor Tutorial

Dooglamoo Cities- Distributor Tutorial

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