Cooks meat and potatoes if furnaces (up to 6) are in it's area, and makes bread. Can be placed in buildings.


Lot Size: 8x8

Height: 3 above Bakery block

Depth: 0 below Bakery block

Food Requirement: 1 per day

Food Type: Any food (quality 0+)

Active Time: Sunrise to midnight


  • raw porkchop
  • raw beef
  • raw chicken
  • raw fish/salmon
  • raw mutton
  • raw rabbit
  • raw potato
  • wheat
  • coal/charcoal


  • cooked porkchop
  • cooked beef
  • cooked chicken
  • cooked fish/salmon
  • cooked mutton
  • cooked rabbit
  • baked potato
  • bread
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